Is my Car Seat from Italy Legal in California?

Today someone asked us: “Hello, I live in Italy and will be coming to California in January with our newborn of 2.5 months. We wondered i the car seat we have here is ok to use in California? It’s a cybex iris m air. We are planning to travel with carseat and stroller frame and want to make sure that the Italian car seats are ok by law in California.”

Basically, California car seat law requires infants to be in a rear facing car seat.

These are the best rear facing car seats.

In fact, a child under the age of 2 in any part of the world should be in a rear facing car seat. Their head cannot support itself during an accident. And, car accidents are very common in California.

We looked up the “Cybex Iris m air” and it appears to be a stroller. Does it have a car seat in it as well?  It appears that this stroller is compatible with these Cybex car seats:

  • Aton
  • Aton 2
  • Aton Q/Could Q

Some of these car seats have European belt routing but it appears they are indeed all compatible with American vehicles.

In this case, please consult the manual to make sure you correctly install the car seat.

Here is the manual for the Alton:

Alton 2:

Alton Q:


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