Indiana Child Car Seat Laws

According to Indiana State Law, until children reach eight years old, they must be secured in a restraint system that fits the car seat manufacturer’s specifications and complies with United States Department of Transportation Standards.

True, Indiana is well known for its racecars speeding around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway…but that doesn’t mean you can drive like A. J. Foyt throughout this Midwestern state! If you’re driving through Indiana with your kids, then you need to practice immaculate safety. Every parent living in or visiting the Hoosier State should read through this article thoroughly. Below, we’ll list all of Indiana’s major child safety seat laws. There are also a few helpful links posted at the very end of this article.

Indiana child car seat laws

  • Infants below the age of one and less than 20 pounds need to be placed in a rear-facing safety restraint.
  • Toddlers over the age of one can only transition to a forward-facing safety restraint if they weigh more than 20 pounds. NOTE: Children are 5 TIMES as safe in a rear facing car seat until age 2.
  • Although children can legally transition to a booster seat after they reach 30 pounds, Indiana troopers recommend waiting until they weigh 40 pounds.
  • Regardless of height and weight, Indiana law requires children to be placed in an appropriate safety harness until they are eight years or older.
  • Indiana law enforcement encourages parents to follow the safety seat manufacturers’ instructions for height and weight limits.


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  • The Indiana State Police put together this informative webpage to help inform parents about the state’s child passenger safety laws. In addition to listing the state’s laws in detail, you’ll also find useful contact info and safety tips on this page.
  • The Indiana State Police Information Channel published this long interview with safety experts on YouTube. Although the interview is a bit dated, all of the information is good for parents to know.
  • Just for fun, you could watch this vintage public service announcement for booster seats put out by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute. Sports fans might be surprised who appears at the end of the ad!
  • Indiana’s official child safety seat laws are listed under IC 9-19-11 and can be found on this website.