Will Robo Taxis Have Car Seats in Them?

The laws in California regarding child seats are exceptionally strict and limiting. However, strict regulations of when to use less restrictive child seats is left up to your discretion after your child reaches 2 years of age. That could certainly affect using a Robo Taxi service in San Francisco, which is currently testing driverless cars […]

Updates To Kentucky Distracted Driving Laws in 2022


It’s not difficult to understand how driving when you’re distracted can lead to disastrous consequences. Whether you are talking on the phone, texting, or looking at traffic updates on your mobile device, it is possible that this activity could lead to a car accident. In Kentucky, it is illegal for drivers to text while they […]

Would Seatbelt Laws Make School Buses Safer?

It seems like a no-brainer—seatbelts would definitely increase the safety of school bus riders…right? In reality, the answer to this question isn’t so clear-cut. While proponents claim seatbelts can help in the event of a side crash, critics claim adding seatbelts to buses wouldn’t be worth the cost. Opponents to these seatbelts point out that […]

Do Seat Belt Laws Legislate Personal Behavior and Do They Save Lives?

When New York enacted the country’s first seat belt law in 1984, it sparked a national debate about the government’s role in personal safety. Personal freedom advocates saw seat belt laws as an encroachment on their ability to make choices. Such laws used the coercive power of law enforcement and the judiciary to make people choose […]

How to Boost Efficiency During Commercial Road Routines

In order to complete mobile routines and projects on time in a professional manner, all drivers must implement proper procedures to optimize efficiency on the road. Although this process may seem challenging, you can easily prepare a mobile crew for the most common travel situations by following a few simple steps. Use Traffic Monitoring Tools […]